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Key Days

  • Conference date

    April 6, 2018 ~ April 8, 2018


  • Abstract submission Deadline

    July 1, 2017 ~ 30 Jan 2018

  • Notification of Acceptance

    Jan 31, 2018

Buyeo was the capital of an ancient kingdom Baekje(百濟, Kudara, BC18~AD660). Baekje was a powerful kingdom in the Korean peninsula 1400 years ago and made a glorious civilization. Baekje also had a close relations with Japan during the Asuka period, exchanging culture, commerce and military friendship. Buyeo has many historical sites of Baekje kingdom and was nominated as UNESCO world heritage at year 2015. Experience Buyeo and the brilliant inheritance of Baekje(くだら).

Date April 6(Fri), 2018. 09:00~17:00

Details Departing from Holiday Inn Hotel at 9 AM

- Baekje Cultural Land

- Lunch

- Buyeo National Museum

- Gongju National Museum

- returning to the hotel at 5 PM

Application Deadline : 31st Dec. 2017

Price : Free

Includes : Bus Transportation, Guide, All Admission Fees, Lunch