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    April 6, 2018 ~ April 8, 2018


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    July 1, 2017 ~ 30 Jan 2018

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    Jan 31, 2018


Recommended Tourist Attractions in Gwangju

1913 Songjeong Market

Songjeong Market is over one hundred years old and has been newly unveiled after an extensive renovation project in 2016. Visitors have expressed their love for the charming shop signs and unique items sold in the market.

Gwangju National Museums

What did people eat 2000 years ago? You will find the answer from the remains in the museum, which was discovered at Gwangju Sinchang-dong historic site. Children will love the experience of this exciting place and learn about past times.

Yangnim-dong History and Culture Village

Korea's past and present come together in the historic area of Yangnim-dong, where a mix of traditional Korean houses and modern Western style homes gives the area a nostalgic charm. With plenty of walking paths and music cafes, Yangnim-dong is a great place to spend a day enjoying the cultural heritage of the area.